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Gay Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery
Bradley S024 9RY
Hampshire GB
Tel (01256) 389233
Fax (01256) 389177



We have been a family run boarding kennels since 1963, in that time we have developed a relaxed but professional atmosphere for pet care, a kennels where your dog will really feel at home. All our kennels are generously sized and licensed for two or more dogs, so families do not have to be split up!

All kennels have outside south facing runs and as long as the weather is fine there is access throughout the working day. It goes without saying that hygiene is of utmost importance and all kennels are thoroughly scrubbed between occupants and a cleaning routine is carried out with great attention to detail every day.

At our kennels, after the first exercise, breakfast is served to those dogs that require it. We are happy to feed any diet, we carry complete foods and tins, however we are also happy to feed what you bring in. The main meal is early afternoon, but once again if your dog needs to be fed later, as well, just tell us. Any medications or food additives are accurately administered.

We are with your dog from 7.00am when we clean their kennel and let them out into the exercise yards, until 8.00pm when they are let out before bed. During the day we give all the dogs a country walk as well as letting them into the exercise yards another three times.

Kennel Cough
Anywhere that dogs congregate it is possible for kennel cough (canine bronchitis) to be passed on. Kennels with a rapid turnover of guests can be particularly susceptible. We ask that all dogs are vaccinated against the disease, and any dogs coughing will not be allowed to board. Please ask your vet for details of the vaccination, it will have to be administered at least a week before boarding and now lasts for a year so is easy to get when your dog has it's annual booster.